On Site Manufacturing Updates Bed Bug Heater Website ZapBugsNow.com

Sept. 12, 2013 - AUSTIN, IN. -- The newly redesigned website, ZapBugsNow.com, dedicated to the THERMOCLAVE Bed Bug Heater product line, was launched recently by On Site Manufacturing, Inc. (OSMI).

The completely updated site now features THERMOCLAVE heater packages with all the equipment needed for killing bed bugs with heat. The packages are identified by their square foot coverage area and target specific industries dealing with the increasing bed bug problem.

“The previous site did a good job of presenting the THERMOCLAVE heaters,” said OSMI owner Irv French, “but the demand for bed bug heaters has moved beyond pest control professionals. We saw the need to communicate to the non-traditional customer, and ZapBugsNow.com does an excellent job of that.”

With the rise in infestations in the last several years, the bed bug problem is no longer limited to hotels and motels. In addition to pest control professionals, THERMOCLAVE heaters are now used by OSMI customers in the hospitality, rent-to-own, and property management industries. They can also be found heat-treating public vehicles.

On Site Manufacturing, Inc. (OSMI), headquartered in Austin, IN, is centrally located between Louisville, Indianapolis and Cincinnati, and serves a very broad market with temperature control and power generation equipment. Included in their product line are THERMOCLAVE pest eradication heaters and the PEACH Mobile Utility System. PEACH stands for Packaged Electric, Air Conditioning and Heating and was the first product manufactured by OSMI in 2007. The PEACH is a towable, compact, sound-attenuated unit that delivers basic electrical power, heat or air conditioning to tents or other spaces being used on a temporary or emergency basis.

The THERMOCLAVE product line was created to offer a better heater for pest eradication, specifically bed bugs. The heaters are designed to treat small to industrial-sized areas – from vehicles to food storage facilities.

In addition to the products above, OSMI also manufactures Compact Industrial Heaters and Compact Industrial Air Handlers. Both are designed with an emphasis on reliability, portability, and maneuverability – important in the equipment rental industry. OSMI also provides temporary power solutions for planned or emergency situations. For more information, please visit ZapBugsNow.com.


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