Bed bugs are only a problem in low-income neighborhoods.

False!  Anyone can have a bed bug infestation. It is a common misconception that only dirty or low-income homes carry bed bugs. The truth is that bed bugs prefer human blood, and they will feed on anyone, regardless of their cleanliness or socioeconomic status.

Bed bugs carry disease.

False!   Bed bugs do not transmit disease; however, secondary infections can occur from scratching bed bug bites.

Any insecticide will kill bed bugs.

False!   Pesticides and other treatments are effective against pests, but are not necessarily effective against bed bugs. For example, boric acid kills cockroaches because they ingest the poison. Bed bugs only feed on blood so boric acid is virtually ineffective. Some pesticides will kill bed bugs that are out in the open and if they are sprayed directly. However, the majority of bed bugs in an infested building are hiding, and it is unlikely they will be killed by these contact pesticides.

Household bug bombs that are meant for flying insects will kill bed bugs.

False!   Bug bombs will not kill the majority of bed bugs in an infested room. These insecticides typically cause bed bugs to scatter so that they can avoid the irritating effect of the spray. The scattering effect from bug bombs makes the bed bug infestation much worse!

For more information on bed bugs & dealing with an infestation visit www.centralohiobedbugs.org


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